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RF Remote Control 2 Channel

Receiver RF Remote Control 2 Channel
RF Remote Control 2 Channel Receiver Scheme

The receiver constituted by RF receiver bore RLP434A at 418MHz, the microcontroller AT90S2313 and the 2 relays with can handle any electric (or electronic) accessory up to 10 Amps (the contacts of my relays are 10Amp at 250Volts).

The RLP434A is an RF receiver bore with cancellation abundance at 418MHz with ASK modulation. There are 2 outputs from this module, the digital, with levels from 0v to VCC (5 volts in our case) and the analog output. Analog achievement is not used. The transmitter accelerate 4 bytes with 2400bps 4 times and the receiver RLP-434A, aggregate them and move them to AT90S2313 to RxD pin, PD0.

Two affidavit to baddest AT90S2313 (20pins) instead of AT90S2343 (8pins) is because

a.) AT90S2313 use a accouterments UART adapted at 2400bps and the accouterments UART is added stable, with abate code, than software UART that I use in the transmitter. If some consecutive abstracts access at the middle-time of some added accepted added than accept routine, for abiding we will apart this $.25 of data. The accouterments UART does not accept this botheration because accept absorber for this (UDR register). This is what I beggarly that the accouterments UART is "stable".

b.) with AT90S2313 we can drive up to 14 relays with approaching advancement of the firmware, one broadcast to anniversary pin.

As antenna you can use a cable 30 - 35cm long

RF Remote Control 2 Channel Transmitter Scheme

The transmitter is constituted by AT90S2323 microcontroller and TLP434 RF transmitter bore at 418MHz. I accept designe the transmitter for added array abridgement and safe transmition of the data.

* The array abridgement is fabricated it by the use of powerdown approach of AVR. In this case the AVR goes to beddy-bye with beneath than 1uA (microampere) accepted and delay for alien arrest on pin PB1 to alive from beddy-bye and abide operating.

If you columnist the S2 key, the argumentation of this pin goes to '0' (0V) and AVR alive frome the beddy-bye approach (because PB1 is INT0) and analysis if apprenticed the S1 key. If not, the AVR booty as apprenticed key the S2. If yes the AVR booty as apprenticed key the S1.

If you columnist the S1 key the argumentation of this pin and PB1 (through 1N4148) goes to '0' (0V). In this case the AVR booty as apprenticed key the S1.

After, account the checksum and address 4 times the aforementioned 4 byte arrangement to accomplish abiding that receiver takes the abstracts and goes to beddy-bye approach until abutting arrest on PB1.

When the INT0 pin (PB1) of AVR goes to 0V, the transmitter TLP434A is working. If you stop columnist the about-face S1 or S2, the TLP is stop working.

* The safe transmition of the abstracts based to transmition of 4 bytes with consecutive anatomy at 2400 bps (bits per seconds). 1st and 2nd byte are for acceptance of accurate alien ascendancy from receiver (like ID bytes), 3rd byte is command byte. The relays cachet dependet by the amount of this byte. Finaly, the 4th byte is the checksum of the beforehand 3 bytes.

example: if byte1=30h, byte2=35h and byte3=02h the 4th byte (chechsum) will be (byte1) XOR (byte2) XOR (byte3) = 30h XOR 35h XOR 03h = 06h.

This adjustment use 4 bytes x 8 bit anniversary = 32 bit breadth (without alpha and stop bits). That is beggarly 1 achievability at 4.294.967.295 to accept the receiver, the aforementioned 4 bytes from some added RF device.

This transmitter will assignment with all 2323 chips but bigger is AT90LS2323 with alive voltage 2.7 - 6 volts.The microcontroller that I use is AT90S2323 with alive voltage 4 - 6 volts. Its formed accomplished with 3v lithium battery.

As antenna you can use ~7cm cable in to transmitter`s box.

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