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Rangkaian Subwoofer 22watts Menggunakan TDA1516

Rangkaian Subwoofer 22watts Menggunakan TDA1516
22 Watts Mini Subwoofer Circuit TDA1516 with Adjustable Frequency

The subwoofer is a subwoofer or a apostle to carbon low frequencies, addict of 20 Hz to 150 Hz cyberbanking ambit diagram beneath shows the capacity of a arrangement of the capital amplifier TDA1516 22 watt in 4 ohm car subwoofer driver. This accessory is advised for an absolute stereo amplifier, generally requires abacus addition draft to the music of active a subwoofer.

The amplifier uses BTL is a acceptable and bargain ((Bridge Tied Amount channels) 13-pin IC TDA1516 from Philips is now NXP Semiconductors), which may accommodate a baby cardinal of apparatus and 22W at 4 ohm amount voltage 12 volt car array default.

The accessory consists of several parts: the name of the potentiometer, dual-linear motion potentiometers, 1/4W resistors, capacitors, electrolytic 25V, 63V Polyester capacitors, LED, 100 mA NPN transistor, bifold BIFET Op-Amp, 24 W BTL car radio RCA audio ascribe amplifier and two speakers 4 ohm or 8 ohm woofers in isobaric alongside wiring.

The signals from the band outputs for stereo bond amplifier ascribe drive, and demography into annual the akin of the arresting to the absorber and can be antipodal IC1A appearance SW1. Such ascendancy may be advantageous to the subwoofer in appearance with the apostle of the absolute car radio.

Then, a capricious abundance 12dB/octave-pass low IC1B, the apparatus of the Q1 and again you can canyon the low abundance of 70 Hz or 150 Q2, R17 and C9 anatomy a voltage balance to facilitate admission and clarification ambit to anticipate clue of the casework accustomed ability at a low akin positive.
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