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High Voltage Pulse Generator Electronic Circuit

This circuit generates high voltage pulses from 230vac line voltage. The drive end's swing comparator circuit is invented by the creator of this page. The work end is derived from stroboscope trig supply circuit. All line voltage using circuits are inherently dangerous, and this is particulary so. Do not build it.

Specifications and schematic

  • Input voltage 230vac 50/60Hz
  • Output voltage -25kV pulse (T=200uS)
  • Output peak current -0,4A
  • Output pulse energy 0,3J
  • Average output power 15W
  • Trig event control at 180...270 deg.of phase


When powered up, the circuit generated fierce arc of 25mm length, between the coil secondary. The waveforms depicted in the schematic were observed. The output current was measured by letting the sparks ground via a 10ohm resistor, and measuring the voltage over the resistor with an oscilloscope. The trig event control was observed between ca.180...270 degrees of phase angle, by turning the 470K potentiometer. The sheet of paper placed between arc bursted immediately in flames.

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