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Car Water Temperature Sensor With Display

Engine water temperature sensor circuit

Engine water temperature sensor circuit

For user who love developping in electronic project ,we have some circuit for Car Boiler or water Temperature Sensor of this circuit can be to display Temperature of Car water Boiler with 7-Segment Main of circuit .car_temp

We have use IC CA3161 and CA3162 for control all,The Car Water Temperature Value can’t be keep always while no power supply as It hasn’t EEPROM to save.
This circiut will be display for you monitoring only that is make sense to implement in your car.

This circuit measures the car water temperature.
The IC CA3161 is a counter and 7segment LED driver to display amount of temperature on 7segments.
About a temperature sensor is a diode which number 1N4148.
This is like of the Car Radiator.
Connect to the 5 Vdc power supply from Car Battery that you can use a LM7805 for +5Vdc regulation with low cost voltage regulator.

For the method of temperature measurement: first after application of at least 2 currents of a thermal sensor, including at least two output signals are generated calculating an analog signal to the temperature of the reaction at least two signals, the analog signal representative of temperature to the temperature sensors, a calibration, the calibration factor is calculated by applying the order of leastthree thermal sensor, and calibration of a gap in the temperature of the concept of analog signal, that the development gap-term is at least a series of parasite resistance to the thermal temperature sensor and the signal processing theanalog digital signal to a temperature reference value for the conversion of the reference value for the transition is consistent with the calibration.

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