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MOSFET BUZ902DP 400Watt Audio Power Amplifier

400Watt Audio Power Amplifier circuit with MOSFET BUZ902DP

If you like in the sound system or sound this circuit will should like you , This amplifier has two completely separate mono amplifiers with each channel has its own power supply to the order of zero channel crosstalk, a common phenomenon in amplifiers have the same food.

To view the full performance of each supply transformer should be evaluated at 40VAC – 0 – 40VAC at 640VA.

Unlike many models of capacitors is a reservoir to supply the peak currents, I prefer the power transformer in a much faster transient. BUZ902DP Although the specifications are rather modest,

if they can hear you now to experience a large reserve of power available and never any reason to worry that something to do than drive a large number of amplifiers aloud. You do not hear nothing but the truth without distortion at all levels, and I can assure you that this amplifier is required to provide the best features coupled.

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