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LM741 LPF Subwoofer Filter

LM741 LPF Subwoofer Filter
LM741 LPF Subwoofer Filter Circuit

The acoustics of converting a filter, there are many aspects of the economic viability of the more famous are
baxandal filter low and high frequency filters and crossover Acoustic space is transformed into sub-domains, so that the Thursday Speakers. Applications, we offer a filter, the limits of the region to transform acoustic (20-20000Hz) in the region of 20-100Hz.
The signal for a first high pass filter C1, C2, P1, which is undesirable level DC input. A lowpass filter consisting of R3, R4, C3 prevents frequencies above 10 kHz, which do not benefit from this design, and it would be that the instability and noise. The summary amp invert signal.

The low Summary of the amplifier signals go to a second low-pass filter to prevent the frequency from the speakers.
I decided, a second order, as this box with a closed place feature. If you have a circuit with a valve system, and then simply close the Wind (Roll a pair of socks and pick at the port / Wind), this will give you a sealed box instead.

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