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Skema Rangkaian Delay Speaker & Speaker Protector

This series also has advantages, namely: the case of consleting relationship with the speaker amplifier series will be lost directly, so that the speaker's safe fire.time to waiting or delay time is about 5 seconds, and can be changed with the change elco condenser C2 to the value of smaller . The time needed to open the relay back when the flow be around 0.5 seconds. Or you can try using a series of under this scheme:

R1=22Kohm C4-5=100uF 25V IC1=TL071
R2-3=390Kohm Q1=BC560C RL1=Relay 12VDc Omron G2R2
R4=470Kohm Q2-3-4=BC550C J1=3pin connector with 2.54mm step
R5=1Mohm Q5=BD139 J2=2pin connector with 2.54mm step
R6-7-8-9-10-12=10Kohm D1-2-3=1N4148 J3=2pin connector with 3.96mm step
R11=820 ohm D4=Green 5mm Led
C1-2-3=47uF 63V D5=Red 5mm Led

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